The Past and Progress

It really pays to listen to my lovely wife.

For the last few years, she has insisted I watch Yellowstone on Paramount TV. She convincingly said you work in country radio, and Kevin Costner is in most of your favorite movies of all time, so let’s watch together. As always, she was right on the money! It has become my second favorite new show behind only,“Ted Lasso”. Not to spoil anything for ya, but one of the conflicts on the show is revering the past yet also how progress affects traditional businesses like ranching.

I love the theme of this issue because it highlights businesses that have a rich history but have at the same time evolved with their industry. When you mention “Siouxland”, you can’t help but think of those corporate names that help define the area. For me, Palmer Candy, Jolly Time Popcorn, and Sneaky’s Chicken hit home because…. Well, I love to eat. I’m all for commerce when it comes to satisfying my hunger. Civic pride one pound at a time!

The real story behind businesses with a century of service to the area is the dedication they show to the betterment of this community. I was delighted to see the warm-hearted folks of Kalin’s making that big $100,000 donation to the United Way. There are so many generous efforts just like that, which made the tri-state area a better place to live and grow.

In my industry, a lot of people ask me about the future of radio stations. It would be silly to say a radio station today operates the same way as one did in 1980. It’s a different time. We have evolved and try our very best to make sure the frequencies you dial in and the radio stations apps you consume are representing your life, your concerns, and you

I keep thinking about the news-talk station KSCJ. Forever just an AM station, now streaming online at and can be heard in the city metro area at 94.9 FM. Launched April 4, 1927, it’s not quite in the century club yet. When there’s a big story in town, you can call up and continue the conversation during the early morning show with Justin Barker and Jeff Heyer starting at 5:30 a.m. Have something bothering you about something local? “Open Line host,” Charlie Stone will field your call and give you a radio platform. Mark Hahn hosts a daily Drive Time Live show from 5-6 p.m., and there’s nothing like hearing a Sioux City X’s ballgame on the radio with play-by-play broadcaster Connor Ryan.

Although the way you listen may have changed since 1927, I bet the topics that really stir up emotions remain the same…how do we make this area the very best place possible?

That’s the same mission so many businesses with long histories in Siouxland have in common.

Next time you drive by the KSCJ transmitter on Highway 75, just know that’s where history and progress meet. 

Jon Dutton will tell you that’s a fight worth fighting!

Tony Michaels

KSUX Program Director / Tony & Candice morning show host

Author of “Tacos and Beer Atmosphere”

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