Ahhh, 2020. Remember the quarantining, the isolation, the sudden elimination of family & friends from your everyday life? 

And yet – I must admit – I have a fondness for 2020. I think many of us do. It gave this Universe a gigantic reset in so many ways, and wherever we were on our own personal journeys – I don’t know one person who didn’t need it. 

But maybe all that ‘quiet time’ made 2021’s re-entrance to civilization even sweeter. And now, the holidays are upon us! And what better time to celebrate all that’s been, and all that’s to come.

If you’re anything like me, you’re already checking your calendar, and making loads of plans to see family and friends, excited to celebrate the simple act of togetherness. 

And I couldn’t let all that joy descend upon us without some great fashion tips for your holiday festivities! Who doesn’t want to look amazing for their first round of holiday parties since 2019?! 

I recently made a stop at my favorite Sioux City destination, Rooted Boutique, to do some pre-holiday shopping. So many treasures there (with new arrivals coming in weekly), I hardly knew where to begin. But here are a few of my favorites. 

I love a really feminine look for gatherings with friends, and this pleated blue silk skirt from Look 1, paired with a tres-chic padded-shoulder sleeveless t, gives me all the girly feels I’m craving! The best part about this ensemble? It’s comfortable! The elastic-waist skirt will give you shape, without cutting off your circulation. I also love the color pairing. The steel blue with a silvery sheen says “holiday,” without relying on traditional shades. A strappy velvet sandal in taupe to polish things off? Yes please! By the way – Rooted features amazing, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to complement anything and everything. Check out the necklace featured with this outfit. To die for! 

Look 2 is for a party. It’s a silky, flirty, ivory dress that’s so fun to wear. The layers of gathering at the waist are uber-flattering. The length isn’t too revealing; but it’s short enough to get a second glance (or third). This dress comes in other colors, but I love the off-white. It’s unexpected for winter, and yet totally perfect at the same time. The snowy vibe looks especially edgy with a pair of black heeled booties (bonus: you can literally wear these shoes with everything else you own). A million different ways to accessorize this look. Gold and glam, a leather cuff, a pair of statement earrings? The options are endless! 

Look 3 makes me think of gift-giving and family and candlelight and a big meal with lots of people around the table. The color palette is a bit more traditional, but who doesn’t love a splash of red this time of year? The tie-neck top is sophisticated and elegant. And check out these black pants! Nothing basic about the front kick pleat! That’s an addition that makes the whole look special, daring, and wholly unique. And speaking of daring – those heels! This strappy black pump features a clear/black combo to amp up the sex appeal. And again, a pair of shoes that are so versatile, you’ll be able to wear them with all sorts of other outfits – even jeans! 

The theme this holiday? Wear what brings you joy. The overall mood in fashion right now is one of celebration. We’ve all been through a lot. Let’s only wear pieces that make us feel happy and optimistic and hopeful for our collective future. Fashion can influence your mood – so let it be a positive influence that brings more light and life to your holiday season – and everyone else’s too. 

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