The Sonography Studio welcomes expecting moms in the Siouxland Area

Lily Frank is the owner and operator of The Sonography Studio, a 3D/4D/HD ultrasound and hydration studio for expecting mothers. The studio is located on beautiful, historic 4th Street, downtown Sioux City, at 1119 4th Street, Suite 220.

“I’ve worked in all different specialties, including ICU, ER, and Labor and Delivery. But I fell in love with my job when I worked in maternal-child, and I knew that I wanted to advance my degree to keep me around mothers and their babies,” explained Lily.

She obtained the necessary educational requirements and is now an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner – Certified Midwife.

“I was pregnant in graduate school, and I got to peek at my baby via ultrasound from the time he was barely visible, all the way to the end. Watching him grow from the inside was absolutely incredible. Connecting, growing, and bonding with your baby is a huge part of the process. That was when the idea for The Sonography Studio was born,” stated Lily.

By utilizing her ARNP-CNM degree, Lily received extra training in California that allowed her to become a certified Midwife Sonographer by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

“The ultrasounds I do at the studio are not for diagnostic purposes. However, I am able to diagnose, which means if I encounter something that needs medical attention via the ultrasound, I can ensure that they receive expedient follow-up care. I will provide a courtesy call to your physician or refer you to the ER if I find something detrimental. You still need to see your OBGYN, Midwife, or physician for proper prenatal care. This studio does not take the place of any appointments you must have scheduled throughout your pregnancy,” explained Lily.

A standard insurance policy will cover the cost of two ultrasounds during a woman’s pregnancy. If everything is proceeding as normal, one will be administered in the very early stages of pregnancy to confirm the due date, the one in the middle of the pregnancy (usually around week 20) to see all of the baby’s anatomy.

“The Sonography Studio provides scans with the latest technology in ultrasound. These are offered at any time throughout a woman’s pregnancy, as many times as the mother would like. Ultrasound is noninvasive and has no harmful effects on the fetus,” stated Lily.

However, providing high-definition imaging with ultrasound is not the only service The Sonography Studio provides for expecting mothers.

“We offer IV hydration and essential IV pregnancy vitamin add-ins. This sets us apart from anything offered at the OBGYN offices or hospitals. This service is very beneficial if a woman is sick at any time during her pregnancy and unable to stay hydrated. A lot of women don’t realize they are deficient in B vitamins, which can cause a lot of nausea and vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy. Staying hydrated during pregnancy is an important key factor for many reasons. Here, you can come to relax in our heat and massage chair with a warm blanket, watch Netflix, and leave feeling refreshed and rehydrated,” stated Lily.

The Sonography Studio is the first “SneekPeek Clinical” site in Siouxland. This means you can book an appointment to find out the gender of your baby at six weeks. 

“It is a simple blood draw from the mother. We send it off and have the results the next day. This is the fastest turnaround time for gender determination in the area,” stated Lily.

The space is completely renovated and top of the line, offering a relaxing spa-like feel.

“I want this studio to be different than anything in Siouxland’s before. I want people to come here and feel like they have an ultimate pregnancy experience. While you’re here, you can also shop. We have partnered with some amazing brands that offer pregnancy, postpartum, and baby boutique style items,” Lily explained. “We also have heartbeat animals, so we can record your baby’s heartbeat during your ultrasound session and place it inside a stuffed animal. It is a great keepsake,” said Lily.

In order to utilize services, a woman needs to be at least six weeks into her pregnancy, which can be determined and verified at the studio. There is an array of services provided via the website,

Contact Info:

Reach The Sonography Studio @ 712-509-3153

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