Using Social Media Wisely With Today’s Youth

Childhood and a young person’s teenage years can be some of the most exciting times of their lives. You learn more about yourself and the world around you, exploring and discovering new things all the time. The use of social media may be part of how a child or teenage learns more about the world around them. It can also be a time when you are introduced to information and experiences that can be difficult. Choices made may not always be for the best, but that is how one grows and learns from mistakes.

At those times, life may seem increasingly difficult, as if you are the only person going through it, and you aren’t sure what to do. Here’s a list of some amazing resources to help parents and families start and have conversations with children of all ages about social media usage and safety while navigating this ever-growing tech-filled world.

Parents and other trusted adults who are interested should watch: 

“Childhood 2.0”– Youtube (approx 90 minutes)

“Raised on Porn”– Exodus Cry (approx 30 minutes)

Facebook and their websites: – Non-profit organization leading the fight against domestic minor sex trafficking with prevention and awareness education including online safety education, many free resources available to use and share. – Facebook page and website, podcasts-be watched for the release of “Sextortion” in early March. is an excellent resource for young families and has age-appropriate conversation starters and guidelines. – an evidence-based, scientific data-driven site that presents the dangers of porn. It provides practical advice on how to battle and get help for porn issues and addictions given in a non-judgemental manner. -(part of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) provides games, coloring pages, and fun activities for younger elementary and some older elementary students. -very well done Facebook page with timely and relevant information (they also have an app with some free content and a monthly subscription for more info). – great resources especially for young families, sends frequent emails to parents to help spur conversations.

Officer Gomez has a great Facebook page for parents; he tells it like it is and doesn’t coddle or sugarcoat issues.


“Seduced” by Opal Singleton Hendershot

“Societal Shift” by Opal Singleton Hendershot

“Hooked on Games” by Andrew P. Doan, MD, Ph.D

“Glow Kids” by Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D




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