What’s your greatest attribute?

I can easily go into many shortfalls I have in life. How many words do I get in this space? 10k? Not enough. My morning show co-host Candice Nash teased me all the time because of one small incident a decade ago. I was working on a home project and I needed some help from her family. Her hubby asked if I had pliers in my toolbox and I said, “you mean the squeezee thingee”? There’s no coming back after that. I am not a handyman. Don’t tell my Pops. He tried. That skillset skipped a generation. My youngest son is a whiz at all things handy and technical. He even uses the right terms for tools.

My trifecta on the good side includes being fiercely loyal, having a positive outlook on life, and I am an extremely patient man. My lovely wife decided to test that patience by bringing home a little spitfire of a puppy. We named him Bluey. Mayhem may have been a better choice. Adorable. Disruptive. Always in motion Bluey. He’s been part of our family for a couple of months. In the last week, he has chewed up my Bose Noise Canceling headphones and my lucky golfing hat.

I guess it wasn’t a lucky hat after all. It didn’t work on the golf course either. Do I need golf lessons? Nah. Just a new hat. Maybe with a rosary and holy water.

While penning this little essay while wearing my new Bose headphones, the pups snuck into the kitchen, pawed the pan of leftover chicken enchiladas from the baking dish off the counter and devoured the last two. I heard absolutely nothing. The headphones work better than my lucky hat. 

On my first visit to Family Pet Hospital, Dr. Bader suggested dog training lessons, in the first two minutes. It took 120 seconds to come to that suggestion. I said, well he has an older sister at home and she’s really well-behaved. Won’t he just learn to behave like his canine sibling? Well, let’s just say I have a long road ahead. I can’t just pawn off the responsibility.

Bluey is the perfect metaphor for what it takes to build strong relationships. Training the puppy will take copious amounts of effort, love, and due diligence in putting the leftovers in the fridge immediately. I might have to get a lock for the fridge as well. It’s what you do for the loved ones in your inner circle.

The best relationships in life require work. You just can’t show up for sunny days when you are walking in the park whistlin’ your favorite Baha Men tune. True love happens when you tap into your patience and forgiveness. You get out of a relationship what you put into it.

I am pretty dog-gone positive that I will be waking up at 2 a.m. to the sounds of a puppy delivering those enchiladas back to me. It will be a learning moment for both of us. 

I just need to add a little more patience in my toolbox. I’ll put it next to the squeezee thingee. And the paper towels.

By Tony Michaels

KSUX 105.7 radio dude / podcaster / author

Call or text me for all your dog training tips 712-274-1057

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