You Are Not Alone

When it comes to death and grief, I’ve experienced my fair share of both. I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s heard of the phrase “check on your strong friend”. Even though I heard of it after losing a very important person in my life, it’s a phrase that will always stick with me. Latisha Denise Graham committed suicide on March 15, 2021. My best friend fought the great fight of depression alone. Unlike others she didn’t ask for help, nor did she lay her burdens on those closest to her, although I wish she had. Instead, she suffered in silence. Despite her unspoken trauma, she was a loyal friend and caring person. Latisha was the protector. I wish now more than ever that I could have protected her. I’ve accepted the fact that her physical absence from this world is permanent. However, her spirit will live on forever. Suicide is an epidemic in this generation. In remembrance of her, I will be a consistent contributor to YANA which stands for “You Are Not Alone”. I wish above all that those who are struggling with depression and mental health issues know that they are not alone.

ByOlivia Ray

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