You Can’t Filter a Really Good Conversation

Whenever somebody talks about expressing yourself, I am immediately taken back to that jam by Madonna in 1988. Do I believe in love? You bet I do. You don’t need diamond rings or big fancy cars. That’s like a radio guy’s anthem! Man, Madonna was so ahead of her time.

Social media has changed the game when it comes to expression, and in my humble opinion, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Posting adorable pictures and victories only alters the validity of the account. Can you imagine if there was a fact-checker on your Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages? I guess someone like Andy Cohen from “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo popping up and saying, “that sweet picture of your kiddo is totes adorbs, but do you want to address the temper tantrum little Braeden had in aisle three next to the pop-tarts at the grocery store? Seriously, that kid is out of control. TMZ had a camera on that lil’ devil, and social media nation will want a reaction video from you and apologies to everyone who had to witness that debacle.”

I’m here for the crash. When not everything is perfect, that’s the kind of expression I want to see. 

In the longest 15 months of our lives, where our faces were covered with a mask and loved ones emerged in fear, mental health took a hit. I’m quite certain social media was not a help. Division, frustration, and angst were dialed up when we needed calm, compassion, and care. Less filter. More heart.

I picked a career path where I probably share too much on the radio. No doubt. My lovely wife will validate this theory. When the pandemic hit, I decided to double down on this personality quirk and self-published a book, 263 pages of self-deprecating humor and real stories. It is the antithesis of social media. Way too honest, and I share too many blemishes.

Authentic expression is discovered throughout countless conversations that take place during breakdowns at 2 a.m. after life kicks you in the shins. I can tell you there are a handful of individuals who know who I am. That opinion was not based on my social media profile. If you were to only base your opinion based on what I post, you would guess I live and die with every Husker loss and place significant importance on funny actions my golden retriever does daily. True. But that is just the narrative I want the world to see. 

Siouxland Magazine does a great job of starting conversations in our society. Just imagine the joy gained in our closest relationships if we spend less time scrolling and more time listening.

Ok. Papa is done preachin’. It all goes back to the queen of expression, Madonna.

Tony “Michaels” Michalski is a morning show host on KSUX 105.7 and author.

Tony at his book signing for Tacos and Beer Atmosphere at Sioux City Gifts. His youngest son Beau and his book editor Kelli as security for the event.

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