Iowa’s West Coast Initiative Feature

From Our Mesa Sourdough Microbakery BUSINESS OWNER: Sisario & Anabel Mesa  BUSINESS NAME: From Our Mesa Sourdough Microbakery  MAIN PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Sourdough breads and baked goods  LOCATION: Sioux City, Iowa  WEBSITE:  IG & FB: From Our Mesa  Short description of your business:  We are a home-based sourdough microbakery in Sioux City, Iowa, serving small-batch, long-fermented

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Calculating Your Startup Costs

The key to a successful business is preparation. Before your business opens its doors, you’ll have bills to pay. Understanding your expenses will help you launch successfully. Calculate your business startup costs before you launch.  Calculating startup costs helps you: Most businesses fall into one of three categories: brick-and-mortar businesses, online businesses, and service providers.

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